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Crisis Hidden in Plain View

Homelessness is quickly becoming America’s “forgotten tragedy”. Across this country, teams of response workers from the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) are encountering historic levels of economic hardship, childhood hunger, terminal illness, domestic violence, disabled veterans’ languishing on the streets, as well as a rising tide of lethal hate crimes.

Crisis Hidden in Plain View (CHPV) is a campaign to encourage outreach and engagement to families and individuals who are homeless or at-risk of becoming un-housed. CHPV has four components: health, housing, income and civil rights. Watch the video.

Campaign Update
The National Coalition for the Homeless would like to thank all of those who helped make Crisis Hidden in Plain View a great awareness campaign and a fundraising success. Our campaign goal was to match a $30,000 anonymous donation.  Thanks to the generous support and participation of our members, we were able to exceed our goal and raise $70,000 (133%) towards outreach and engagement of homeless families & individuals as well as those who are at-risk of becoming un-housed.  Through your contributions we will continue to tirelessly deliver cutting edge research and provocative reporting on affordable housing, living-wage incomes, healthcare and human rights. 

The campaign is finished, but at NCH, a new portrait hangs as a solemn reminder that the crisis hidden in plain view is far from over.  It is a beautiful rendition of Mr. Norris T. Gaynor, an average, ordinary American who was murdered in 2006 by a group of young men who only saw him as an object to be hated. The portrait represents the thousands of uh-housed children and adults who, in spite of living in a country of laws and protections, continue to be victims of homeless hate crimes.    

At NCH, membership matters a great deal. We’re proud to consider all of our new and renewing supporters part of a strong, active and growing membership. NCH is 100% committed to honoring members' donations by keeping you informed, serving those you’ve chosen to support and staying focused on Bringing America Home.         

Thank you to campaign donors:
Coalition for the Homeless (NY), Matias Vega, Sean Cononie, Cononie Family Foundation, Homeless Voice & Johnny McCormick Homeless Shelter, Miami Coalition for the Homeless, House the Homeless, Inc. (TX), David Nuzum, Barb Anderson, Coalition To End Homelessness (FL), Upstate Homeless Coalition of South Carolina, Chandra Crawford, Jeff Firestone (ChariTEES), Glorin Ruiz Pastush, Dwight Hahn, Fred Karnas, St. Luke's Health Initiatives, Samuel Eskenazi, Alan and Ginny Haile, Jeremy and Jen Haile, Micah Greenberg, Sue Leonard, Andrea Cammack, The Aberdeen Foundation, Carolyn Sechler , Rachel Doft, Mary-Christy Fisher, Jim Cain (Des Moines Area Interfaith Hospitality Network), Bob Erlenbusch, Sherri Downing, Phoebe Nelson, Carol Corey, Catherine King, Hugh Grogan, Erin Hustings, Jaime Kopp, Nechama Masliansky, Diane Nilan, Ken Leslie, Lisa Hamilton, Ashley Asaju, Evan Thompson, Adeline Pearson, Anne Bowhay, Lisa Wheelock, Trevor Wheelock, Rob Akscyn.

You are helping NCH...

  • Bringing America Home. Ending homelessness is a national problem with local solutions: NCH’s is ending homelessness by creating affordable housing; growing living wage jobs; improving access to affordable healthcare; and, protecting civil rights.

  • Protecting the Human Right to Shelter & Housing. Everyone deserves a place to call home. NCH is working to establish and preserve the human right to shelter & housing.

  • Helping Hands. Homeless families and individuals can use support: NCH has placed 60 VISTA volunteers in 24 sites across 6 states, giving people in need a helping hand.

  • Keeping an Eye on Justice. Poverty is not a crime: NCH is protecting workers rights in the courts and in the field and making certain that homelessness can’t be criminalized.

  • Speaking Truth to Power. NCH issues twelve annual reports with in-depth analysis and reviews on housing, healthcare, jobs & benefit income and civil rights.

  • Protecting Voting Rights: Homelessness can feel dehumanizing. NCH is fighting for the right and ability to vote by registering 25,0000 voters living in persistent poverty.

  • Sharing Our Stories: The homeless experience is best told in the first person; NCH’s Speakers Bureau is dozens of speakers, 100’s of thousands listeners, and 30 bureaus.

  • Grassroots Organizing: Homelessness is not community-less. NCH brings homeless stakeholders together to organize, act in their own self-interest and create durable power for many tomorrows. 

Contribute to the National Coalition for the Homeless

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Page last modified: March 21, 2012

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