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Faces of Homelessness Speakers' Bureau

Since 1999, the DC-based Speakers’ Bureau has given over 3,300 presentations to a combined total of over 180,000 audience members. Speakers' Bureaus nationwide under the umbrella of NCH's AmeriCorps Project have also given thousands of presentations across the country.

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If you are interested in bringing the Faces of Homelessness Panel to your school or group, please do the following:
1. Fill out an event form and be sure to include the date and time of the event.
2. Once NCH receives your event form, a staff member will follow up with you to confirm that NCH is available at the date and time you have requested.
3. Thanks for your interest in bringing a panel to your group.

The Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau is a program of the National Coalition for the Homeless that is comprised of people who are or have been homeless and works to educate the public about homelessness and what can be done to end it. This approach is a unique and necessary tool because it establishes a significant platform for those whom homelessness affects directly to talk personally about their experiences. Additionally, the Speakers' Bureau creates opportunities for members to advocate for themselves and others, as well as build the necessary bridges with the rest of society so that we may work cooperatively to end this disgrace called homelessness.

Ending homelessness must begin with the understanding that people who are or have been homeless are our neighbors and members of our community. Public perceptions and attitudes toward persons experiencing homelessness or in danger of becoming homeless need to change in order for positive, long-term solutions to be realized. Most Americans rarely interact with people who are or who have been homeless. The lack of interaction between different groups of our society, combined with impersonal or inaccurate descriptions of homelessness posed by the media and public officials, contributes to a distancing of those who have housing from those who do not. As a result, homelessness is perceived as an abstract social problem. Those who experience homelessness are seen as the sources of their own misfortunes, and the socio-economic policies and practices that give rise to homelessness are then too easily ignored. This abstraction, in turn, lessens the degree of urgency and commitment needed to work strategically and consistently toward solutions to end homelessness that are long-term, outcome-based, and not simply responses to crises. The Speakers’ Bureau is both an accurate and dynamic tool to teach and challenge tomorrow’s leaders as well as empower those who have experienced homelessness first-hand. By fostering an environment of self-worth, respect, and understanding for all people, the Speakers’ Bureau challenges us to believe that we can and should end homelessness.

We need your help to set up new Speakers’ Bureaus across the country, include people experiencing homelessness in your presentations, and spread the word about the importance and effectiveness of "Faces of Homelessness" panels. Please explore the following links to learn more about the Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau, and how you can get involved with it.

The Basics...

The Speakers
Learn about their lives – how they became homeless, what it was like, and what they are doing now.

The Presentations
Find out what the actual presentation is like and how you can bring a "Faces of Homelessness" Panel presentation to your school, church, synagogue, conference, organization or event.

Local Event Request Form (DOC) (PDF -cannot save info, must be printed)
Request a Speakers' Bureau panel at your local (Greater Washington DC metropolitan area) event.

Out of State Event Request Form (DOC) (PDF -cannot save info, must be printed)
Request a Speakers' Bureau panel at your event.

( Click to download the free version of Adobe Reader)


Start a Speakers' Bureau...

Setting up a Speakers' Bureau
We need your help in promoting the concept of the Speakers’ Bureau. Here’s how you can help.

Speakers Bureau Organizing Manual
Updated in 2013 (PDF Document)

Speakers' Bureaus Across the Country
Find out if there is a local speakers' bureaus in your community.



'Faces of Homelessness' Videos
NCH’s outstanding video presentations are now online.

'Faces of Homelessness' Resources
Reference material when hosting a Faces Panel.

Would you like to be a speaker?
We are always looking for people who have experienced homelessness to join Speakers’ Bureaus around the country.


'Faces of Homelessness' in the Media...

Speaker's Bureau Photo Gallery

Find us on Social Media sites
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Articles and Write-Ups
Read articles about the Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau.

  • David Pirtle interview on NPR Click here to listen!

Read what people are saying about the Faces of Homelessness Speakers' Bureau.


Speakers' Bureau Coordinator

National Coalition for the Homeless
2201 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20037-1033

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