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You Don't Need a Home to Vote!
2010 Voter Rights/Registration Packet

Conducting a Successful Voter Registration Drive

Step 1: Develop a plan for your drive

  • Appoint one person or a group of people to head up organization of the drive. This person/group should:
      • Call the county elections office to find out the specifics of conducting a voter registration drive in your area, as requirements vary from state to state.
      • Assign responsibilities to individuals to handle matters such as publicity, obtaining registration materials, and making arrangements pertaining to the site.
  • Decide the day, location, and time for your voter registration drive.
  • Have a registration table at a large event or conduct the drive on a special day to increase the number of voters you register.

Step 2: Prepare for and publicize the drive

  • Obtain necessary registration materials like forms, pens, and clipboards.
  • Obtain other materials like stickers, voting brochures, and polling place maps.
  • Make arrangements for the drive including, arranging a location and food.
  • Recruit some volunteers or other staff to help out with registration. Area high school or college students are a valuable resource to help with registration.
  • Create flyers and posters to publicize the registration drive. Make sure that staff of your organization and the clients the organization serves are aware that a registration drive is coming up.  Frequently, individuals experiencing homelessness are unaware that they are able to vote.  In the buildup to the registration drive, you can inform people that even though they may not have a physical address they may still vote.

Step 3: Conduct the registration drive

  • Have food available to attract passers-by and have stickers and other voting materials on hand to give out.
  • Be ready to answer questions that people may have about registering.  Refer to the frequently asked questions at the end of this section.
  • Do not be shy.  Ask everyone who passes by if they are registered to vote, would like to register to vote, or would like to re-register to vote.  Try to find ways to overcome any excuses people give for not registering to vote.
  • Check to see if the forms are filled out correctly.
  • Offer to mail the completed forms.

Step 4: Get out the vote!

  • Put flyers up in your organization to remind your clients to vote on Election Day.
  • Hand out sample ballots at your organization.
  • Help educate newly registered voters about the voting process by inviting elections officials to speak at your organization.
  • Hold a candidate‚Äôs forum or invite candidates to volunteer at your organization in order to get clients better acquainted with the issues and the candidates.
  • Offer transportation to the polling place.
  • Volunteer your organization as a polling site (contact your county elections office to learn more about this).


Download full report as pdf | Acknowledgements | Introduction | Overcoming Agency Resistance | Frequently Asked Questions by Organizations about Conducting Voter Registration | Incorporating Voter Registration into the Intake Process | Conducting a Successful Voter Registration Drive | Overcoming Resistance by Individuals | Frequently Asked Questions by Individuals | Conducting a Voter Registration Party | Registering Tenants to Vote | Having Candidates Volunteer at Your Agency | Holding a Candidate Forum on Housing and Homelessness | Media Tips for Hosting Events | Letter Writing Power Hour | Leading Up to Election Day | On Election Day | Voting & Registration Information Flyer | Legal Issues and Practical Barriers to Voting for Homeless People | State-by-State Chart of Homeless People’s Voting Rights | State-by-State Chart of Disenfranchisement Categories | State-by-State Chart of ID Requirements | State-by-State Chart of Registration Deadlines & Residency Requirements | Court Decisions on Homeless People’s Voting Rights | Sample Phone Script | Sample Invitation Letter | Sample Media Advisory | Sample Press Release


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