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Appendix 3

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Amarillo, Texas

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Anchorage, Alaska

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Asheville, North Carolina

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Ashland, Oregon

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Athens, Georgia

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Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Augusta, Georgia

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Austin, Texas

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Avondale, Illinois

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Bakersfield, California

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Baltimore, Maryland

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Beaverton, Oregon

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Berkeley, California

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Billings, Montana

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Birmingham, Alabama

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Boston, Massachusetts

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Boulder, Colorado

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Bradenton, Florida

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Buffalo, New York

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Charleston, South Carolina

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Charlotte, North Carolina

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Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Chicago, Illinois

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Clearwater, Florida

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Cleveland, Ohio

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Columbus, Ohio

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Corpus Christi, Texas

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Covington, Kentucky

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Dallas, Texas

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Davenport, Iowa

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Dayton, Ohio

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Daytona Beach, Florida

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De Land, Florida

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Denton, Texas

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Denver, Colorado

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Detroit, Michigan

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Detroit, Oregon

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Durham, North Carolina

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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El Cajon, California

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El Paso, Texas

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Elkton, Maryland

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Encinitas, California

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Escondido, California

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Eugene, Oregon

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Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Fairfield, California

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Fargo, North Dakota

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Flagstaff, Arizona

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Fort Myers, Florida

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Fort Smith, Arkansas

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Fort Worth, Texas

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Frederick, Maryland

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Fresno, California

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Gainesville, Florida

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Glendale, Arizona

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Grand Junction, Colorado

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Greeley, Colorado

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Hallandale, Florida

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Havre, Montana

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Honolulu, Hawaii

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Houston, Texas

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Huntington, West Virginia

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Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Indianapolis, Indiana

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Ithaca, New York

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Jacksonville, Florida

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Jeffersonville, Indiana

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Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Kansas City, Missouri

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Key West, Florida

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Kissimmee, Florida

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Lakewood, Colorado

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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Lawrence, Kansas

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Lexington, Kentucky

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Lexington Township, Michigan

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Lihue, Hawaii

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Little Rock, Arkansas

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Long Beach, California

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Longmont, Colorado

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Longview, Washington

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Los Angeles, California

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Louisville, Kentucky

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Madison, Wisconsin

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Manchester, New Hampshire

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Martinsburg, West Virginia

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Memphis, Tennessee

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Miami, Florida

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Middletown, Connecticut

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Mobile, Alabama

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Modesto, California

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Naples, Florida

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Nashville, Tennessee

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New Orleans, Louisiana

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New York City, New York

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North Las Vegas, Nevada

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Norwalk, Connecticut

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Oakland, California

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Ogden, Utah

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Olympia, Washington

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Omaha, Nebraska

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Orlando, Florida

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Pahrump, Nevada

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Palm Bay, Florida

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Pasadena, California

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Phoenix, Arizona

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Tampa, Florida

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Tempe, Arizona

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Toledo, Ohio

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Union City, California

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Valdosta, Georgia

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

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