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Advocates, homeless shelter workers, and the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) all began to recognize that reports of hate crimes and violent acts against people experiencing homelessness were increasing with frequency and brutality.  As a result, in 1999, NCH began publishing annual reports documenting hate crimes and violent attacks against people experiencing homelessness.  These annual reports have not only served to document the number of deaths and non-lethal attacks, but have included the individual stories of the victims of these crimes.  This annual study makes evident the great number of crimes as well as the large geographic area in which they occur.



Total number of violent acts over 6 years: 386

Total number of deaths over 6 years: 156

Total number of non-lethal attacks over 6 years: 230

Number of cities where crimes occurred over 6 years: 140

Number of states where crimes occurred over 6 years:  39 plus Puerto Rico

Age ranges of the accused/convicted: from 11 to 65 years of age

Age ranges of the victims: from 4 months old to 74 years of age

Gender of victims: male: 296  female: 44