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In Loving Memory of Cliff Carle

Cliff Carle, photographer, philosopher and advocate, passed away in December 2010. Cliff was outspoken and always brought a smile and invoked a thought. He will be missed by his colleagues at NCH. StreatsTV and a former Street Sense editor have both collected some more memories of Cliff. Below is his Faces of Homelessness Speakers' Bureau biography:


Cliff Carle

Cliff graduated from UDC with a BS in applied mathematics with a minor in pure mathematics, but his true passions include ceramics, photography, and martial arts.  He has a third degree blackbelt in Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu. 

After school he worked as a bus and train operator for Washington Metro.  Unfortunately he suffered multiple accidents on the job, breaking his back in 1981, his neck in 1987, and had both his hips replaced in 2002.  Subsequently, he became an RNC fundraiser, where he raised over a million dollars for the Republican Party. 

As Cliff likes to say, "The National Transportation Safety Board says that no one thing causes any disaster," just as no one event caused him to become homeless.  It was a long series of event which culminated in his becoming a resident of CCNV, the nation's largest and only resident operated shelter. 

Today Cliff works as an advocate for others experiencing homelessness, as well as a vendor and art photographer for a community newspaper, called Street Sense, where he avidly hones his camera skills.  His main goal for the future, "which I will attain," is to one day find his significant other and start a family.


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