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You Don't Need a Home to Vote Project!

Learn how to register to vote in your state in the 2012 Voting Rights: Registration Manual


Each presidential election since 1992, NCH has sponsored National Homeless and Low-Income Voter Registration Week. Read the Voter Registration manual to learn how to get involved, or fill out this form to let us know what you will be doing to register voters during this week!

  • Read why NCH is concerned about recent efforts to pass restrictive voter requirements.
  • Let us know how you are encouraging people who are un-housed to vote.
  • Find out what your candidates are saying about issues relating to housing, poverty and homelessness (or take this quiz to match your position on the issues with a candidate).
  • Find out what you need to register to vote in your state.

Learn more about the ID and other registrations restrictions being passed in NCH's article, Federal, State and Local Election Information for Voter Registration and Identification. Additional resources can be found below, or see our full 2012 Voter Rights and Registration Manual.

NCH voting poster is available! Click to download in pdf format.

New bilingual Hotline flyer - please download and distribute!

*Video posted with thanks to Jessica Eise, Journalism Student at New York University

Additional Resources

National Coalition for the Homeless
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