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Hayward, California
California Serial Rapist

February- October: Hayward resident Damon D. Williams, 30, was arrested on October 28th for being the suspect of 5 reported attempts of rape against homeless women.  The first reported attack was on February 3rd, when the attacker came up from behind the homeless woman and “threatened to ‘slice’ and shoot her before raping her”.  He also took her cell phone and wallet, which was later found in Williams’ Kelly Hill neighborhood residence.  Another attack occurred on June 4th, when a homeless woman “was sleeping on a porch of the Veterans Memorial Building on Main street about 2:30 a.m. when a man grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet.”  The incident was further described by police saying, “He told her he had a gun and threatened to kill her, then raped her.”  This victim identified Williams in a photo lineup.  The third attack happened on August 8th when “a woman was walking to work on A Street when she was attacked from behind.”  The victim struggled to keep the attacker off of her, and was thankfully freed when a passer-by frightened the perpetrator.  Again, Williams was later identified in a photo lineup.  The next incident occurred on October 20th, when a woman was searching for a bathroom.  She asked Williams, later indentified, where she could find a restroom.  Williams led her to the side yard and proceeded rape her.  Finally on October 28th, “a woman was sitting on a curb in a parking lot near Jackson Street and Mission Boulevard was grabbed from behind … her attacker tried to drag her into some nearby bushes, and pulled her jacket and shirt over her head, threatening to shoot her if she screamed.”  In this last case, however, Williams didn’t get away.  Two witnesses broke up the incident, and told the police the direction that Williams fled; “a short time later”, Williams was caught by police.  According to InsideBayArea.com, “ In addition to rape, charges levied against Williams include kidnapping to commit another crime, assault with intent to rape, penetration with a foreign object and forcible oral copulation.”  Williams is being held in Santa Rita Jail without bail, and is expected to appear in Hayword Justice Hall court on February 17th, 2009.      

Dania Beach, Florida
‘Blood’ arrested after trying to rape homeless woman

February 9: According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, David Gervin, 26, attempted to rape a 55 year-old homeless woman at knifepoint.  As the report shows, Gervin forced her into an alley, and started assaulting her.  At that point the woman had screamed for help, and police were notified.  Deputy Eric Rodriguez serviced the scene and tased Gervin when he tried to escape.  Gervin, know to be a “bloods” gang member, is now being charged with armed kidnapping and attempted sexual battery. 

St. Petersburg, Florida
Man attacks homeless couple sleeping at a campsite

February 15: Jesus Escudero, 31, was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida for attacking a homeless couple at about 1 a.m.  Detectives suspect Escudero of approaching the couple, who were sleeping at a campsite, and attacking the man, 48, with a brick.  Escudero then struck the woman, 42, in the head.  The male victim attempted to call 911, but when he came back to the campsite he learned that the female victim had been raped and that the attacker had fled.  Deputy Jake Viano and his search dog found Escudero a half hour after arriving at the scene of the crime.  Escudero was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated battery, one count of sexual battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, petty theft, and providing a false name to a police officer.  He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court on a grand theft charge.  The female victim was transported to a hospital, but the male victim refused treatment.  According to Sgt. Jim Border, “there was no indication that the suspect and the victims were acquainted before the attack took place”. 



Pompano Beach, Florida
Man Rapes Homeless Woman

September 2: The Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported that Guy Cherubin, 31, was charged for armed sexual battery against a 48 year-old homeless woman on the night of September 2nd.  At 5 a.m. that morning, BSO detectives said, Cherubin, “attacked and raped a homeless woman in Pompano Beach … he covered the 48 year-old woman’s face, forced her to the ground and placed a knife against her side, threatening to kill her if she didn’t have sex with him.”  Cherubin was involved in a similar attack a few days earlier at which time he kicked and raped a 39 year-old Boca Raton homeless woman, leaving her with several broken ribs.  He is being held without bond in the Broward County Sheriff's Office. 

CONTENTS: Main page | pdf of full report | Acknowledgements | Dedication | Executive Summary | Purpose, Methodology, and Previous Reports | Introduction | Historical Summary of Hate Crimes/Violence Data for 1999-2008 | Summary of Hate Crimes/Violence Data in 2008 | Summary of Teen/Young Adult Involvement in Hate Crimes/Violent Acts | Summary of Ages of the Accused versus Ages of the Victims | Summary of Victims Who Were Middle-Aged | Cities where Hate Crimes/Violence Occurred in 2008 | Map of Cities where Hate Crimes/Violence Occurred in 2008 | States where Hate Crimes/Violence Occurred in 2008 | Map of States where Hate Crimes/Violence Occurred in 2008 | Cities Where Hate Crimes/Violence Occurred – 1999-2008 | Map of Cities Where Hate Crimes/Violence Occurred – 1999-2008 | Comparison of Hate Crime Homicides vs. Lethal Attacks on Homeless Individuals | National Media Coverage of Hate Crimes/Violent Acts Against Homeless People | Video Exploitation of Homeless People | Recognizing Anti-Homeless Violence as Hate Crime, by Brian Levin | Legislation | Recommendations for Action | Model City/County/State Legislation/Resolutions | Adopted City/County/State Legislation/Resolutions | Public Education Initiatives | Listing of Incidents by City | Case Descriptions Involving Deaths | Case Descriptions Involving Non-Lethal Rape/Sexual Assault | Case Descriptions Involving Non-Lethal Setting on Fire | Case Descriptions Involving Non-Lethal Beatings | Case Descriptions Involving Non-Lethal Shootings | Case Descriptions Involving Non-Lethal Police Harassment/Brutality | Appendix A: Sources | Appendix B: NCH Hate Crimes Public Service Ads |



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